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Come to the heart of a Germany, a place once full of the dark forests that populate and inspired the Fairy Tales of the Grimm Brothers. Create a mysterious and captivating world out of the original stories for our players to get lost in. But this time, our story will not only be about old and mythological times, it is about the future, too. Help us create a new way of combining sci-fi and fantasy in one setting! We will also do a series of our famous GD workshops in which we train creating engaging scenes, playing non-player characters in an exciting way, pacing, and many other useful aspects of running a game.

Do I need to have any role-playing experience?

Although some experience will help you for the workshops, you definitely don´t need any experience. All you need is the right attitude and the willingness to try something new. If you are an experienced role-player we will ask you to be flexible enough to step away from your "normal" game routine and try something different with us. We believe that the gaming events will be fun and that the workshop will offer enough input to inspire new gamers and experienced gamers alike.

Who can apply?

Currently we can only accept participants from the following countries:

Germany, Estonia, Greece, Sweden, UK and Finland

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the coordination team. The best applications will be chosen and the participants will be notified. Unlike in previous events we don't have a deadline for the application this year. We will select participants that are good early on until all slots are filled. This means your chances are high if you write a good application and if you submit it early.

Date of the event

The event will take place from:

April 6th - 14th 2019

(Please remember that depending on your location you might need one or even two additional travel days before and after the event, so keep those days free!)

What about accommodation and food?

We are going to stay in Burg Stahleck, one of the famous Rhein-castles. All food and soft drinks during the event will be provided. In general, we will stay in a big group location and provide all food and soft drinks during the event.

What about sightseeing and resting?

As part of the event we will explore some interesting places, regarding the work of the Grimm Brothers and typically medieval sights to get you in the right fairy tale mood.

We will also have enough time between the workshops for you to rest.

Included in the event are:

  • Flights from your home country and an aiport in your area (might not be the closest one since we need to take cheap flights for everyone to stay within the budget)
  • Accommodation in Germany
  • Food and soft drinks
  • Entry fees for places we visit together
  • Travels within Germany

Event Fee:

  • 40 Euro for Dragon Legion Members
  • 50 Euro for non-members


The event is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that supports intercultural exchange of young people. This allows us to cover most parts of the travel costs and accommodation costs for the participants.

Why does the event has a fee if it gets funding?

We have a very tight budget and we would love to pay for everyone but we simply can’t. With the fees of 40 € / 50 € we can pay for the budget overrun so that we don’t end up paying extra for the event. We think this is a good price for a week of role-playing experience, including food, accommodation and travel.

If you cannot afford the fee but still want to participate please give a statement about it in your application. We know there are bad situations in some countries right now and we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to be part of this event, so we decided to have 1-2 slots for free for those who really need them. Please don’t abuse this.

We cover the travel costs for the flight, the travel from the airport to our location, lodging, food and drinks and any group activities. You just need to take care of your travel to the airport in your home country.

Who is organizing the event?

The people behind this event are active members of the Dragon Legion, young people who are interested in cultural exchange, creating innovative events, and role-playing games. We are all volunteers who organize this in our free time.

Will there be more events of this type?

We certainly hope so. We already held several one-week events, such as an event in Iceland in 2014, in Greece in 2015 and 2016, and in Sweden in 2016 and in England 2018. We are currently working on different plans. If you are from a country that is not eligible at the moment you could get in touch with us and help us open up the next event for your country as well. Contact email: info [at]

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Just send us an email: info [at] or use the contact form.

Once we received and checked your application you will get a confirmation email.

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Application for Dragon Legion's Grimm's Fairy Tale Game Director Event Germany 2019 (Germany)

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